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​A companion cover was produced by the Memphis Stamp Collectors Society for Memphex '85 that features the 1785 dollar and the inscription "Memphis Stamp Collectors Society Salutes the 200th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Dollar as the American Unit of Currency".

The City of Memphis, TN commemorates its Bicentennial in 2019, and as such, Memphis Stamp Collectors Society members have come together to share some cachets of Memphis philatelic history. 

Memphex '85 was held October 5-6, 1985 at the Memphis Cook Convention Center. The 200th anniversary of the dollar is honored by Memphex 1985 on this unique cachet. On July 6, 1785, the United States established its own standard monetary unit. An adhesive address label bearing the inscription of "Memphex '85 Memphis Stamp Collectors Society" graces the upper left side of the cover. An unusual Memphex Convention Station Memphis, TN 38103 circular date cancellation flanked by two dollar signs with the inscription "200th Anniversary Of The Dollar" at the top and "1785 - OFFICIAL CURRENCY - 1985" at the bottom cancels the twenty two cent Scott #2159 "Public Education" stamp originally issued on October 1, 1985, printed by the American Bank Note Company and designed by Uldis Purins. 

Celebrating Memphis Bicentennial 2019

​​Postage ​Stamps... What are they?  

Stamps have helped us "reach out and touch someone" for more than 165 years. Long before phones and computers, these glorious examples of art and craftsmanship, seemingly, mere little blobs of ink on paper, have been part of our human history spanning the globe. Do you collect? How, and what, do you collect? They provide a constant stimulus for the inquisitive mind and lover of history. Come Join Us! 

The challenge, is engaging the younger generations, and thus, we congratulate a fellow club member for her innovation.  Don't Forget to Apply!!! Apply now for the Spring term.  The club has established a grant program to help school teachers with the cost of using stamps in their school curriculum. Grants are limited to school systems in the Greater Mid-South (Memphis, TN, USA) area.   Please see the MSCS Grant page under "School Grants & Recipients".  

Memphex 1983 honored Beale Street "The Re-Birth of the Blues". Beale Street's grand reopening took place between 1982 and 1983. Housing and Urban Development ushered in a new day for the decayed and heavily blighted street with much needed funds for reconstruction of the beloved and historical home of the blues. Memphex '83 was held at the Holiday Inn-Rivermont from Friday October 14 until Sunday October 16, 1983. The Memphex cachet "MEMPHEX '83 CONVENTION STATION" custom circular date stamped postmark cancels Scott #1372, the six cent W.C.Handy "Father of the Blues" stamp designed by Bernice Kochan that was previously issued on May 17, 1969. 

This is the "Birthday Jubilee" cover and cachet of the "The Memphis Stamp Club" founded on February 7, 1926, the founding club of our present organization. The two cent Washington, Scott #554, and one and a half cent Harding stamps, Scott #684,  were circular date cancelled in Memphis on February 7, 1936, the tenth anniversary of the Memphis Stamp Club. Imprinted at the bottom, below the cachet, is "Official Cachet No.21" sent to H.H.Schumacher of Memphis.

Memphex 1979 was held at the Holiday Inn Holiday City on Lamar Avenue September 22 and 23, 1979. The framed Memphex '79 cancel was the frame used by the club for many years. The bottom of the frame includes the club affiliated acronyms including the American Philatelic Society (APS), the Society of Philatelic Americans (SPA), the National Federation of Stamp Clubs (NFSC), and the Southern Philatelic Federation (SPF). The Type "A" embossed stamped envelope bears the club four bar cancellation "Memphex 79 Sep 23 1979". The stamp design was originally used on the 8-cent embossed stamped envelope designed by Bradbury Thompson and issued in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania on May 1971. The Type "A" non-denominated fifteen-cent Eagle embossed stamped envelope was first placed on sale in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 22, 1978. This cover was intended for domestic use only.

Memphex 1988 honors the Memphis Belle, the Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress used during the Second World War. Scott #2278 flag stamp is canceled with the Memphis Stamp Collectors Society Station October 8, 1988 four bar Doan circular date stamp with an illustration of the Memphis Belle, Captain Robert Morgan's girlfriend, Margaret Polk of Memphis, and "Memphex Honors The Memphis Belle". The proceeds from the sale of the cover, a joint effort between the Memphis Stamp Collectors Society and The Memphis Belle Preservation Society, were used to preserve the famous war bird. Bedford Joyner won the Marshall Trophy..

Memphex 1974 was also the site of the Confederate Stamp Alliance annual meeting. It was held at the Cook Convention Center on October 25, 26, and 27, 1974.  The Memphex Station Doan circular date stamp reflects that momentous occasion canceling Scott #1544, the single stamp from the se-tenant block of four ringing in the bicentennial era. The Memphex cachet celebrates the bicentennial of the first Continental Congress.held at Carpenters' Hall (illustrated) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from September 5 to October 26, 1774.

Memphis, Tennessee

The postcard's stamp, Scott #985, Grand Army of the Republic, was cancelled with the Memphis Stamp Collectors Society Convention Station "Doan-type" four bar circular date postmark.on November 25, 1961. The picture side of the postcard illustrates 19 stamps of Africa.  This was the eighth Memphex. The first Memphex was held in 1931 by the Memphis Stamp Club at the Peabody Hotel. 

Memphis Stamp Collectors Society