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The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) is the postal agency of the United Nations that issues postage stamps and stationery.  At the United Nations offices in New York, items are issued in dollars; in Swiss francs at the offices in Geneva, Switzerland; and euros at the offices in Vienna, Austria.  The postage rates are identical to those of the host nation. 

UNPA issued its first stamps at the New York offices in October, November and December 1951.  The Geneva office began issuing stamps in 1969 and the Vienna offices in 1979. ​​

Here are the initial stamps issued at New York.

Plane and Gull

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10th Anniversary Souvenir Sheet


​Found in an estate collection at our May meeting, this 1897 Milam and Holmes machine cancel, type 2, is the first of it's type reported in 10 years and one of only 22 known examples.

​​​​Postage ​Stamps... What are they?  

Long before phones and computers, these glorious examples of art and craftsmanship, seemingly, mere little blobs of ink on paper, have been part of our human history spanning the globe.  They have helped us "reach out and touch someone"  for more than 165 years. 

They provide a constant stimulus for the inquisitive mind and lover of history.  Do you collect? How, and what, do you collect?  Come Join Us! Someone in the club will know something about about your interest.

The challenge, is engaging the younger generations, and thus, we congratulate a fellow club member for her innovation.  The club has established a grant program to help school teachers with the cost of using stamps in their school curriculum. Grants will be limited to school systems in the Greater Mid-South (Memphis, TN, USA) area. Please see the MSCS Grant page under "School Librarian".