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This brown 11⁄2 ¢ coil stamp depicts former President Harding. The stamp is from the United States. The postmark, dated November 9, 1927, is not.
Mariehamn is the capital city of the Finnish province of Åland, an archipelago of 6,500 islands located off the southwest coast of Finland. Though administratively part of Finland, Ålanders speak Swedish.
Can anyone explain why a stamp issued by the United States was postmarked in another country?

Sheet of labels.

"Paper Coins"

The London 1980 International Stamp Exhibition was held May 6-14, 1980. The British Post Office helped with the financing by providing any amount in excess of the face value of the stamp(s) to the exhibition. Money not used by the exhibition was placed in a separate fund for philately. 

The Queen

Stamps and Cinderellas of the 1980 London International Stamp Exhibition

​​Postage ​Stamps... What are they?  

Long before phones and computers, these glorious examples of art and craftsmanship, seemingly, mere little blobs of ink on paper, have been part of our human history spanning the globe.  They have helped us "reach out and touch someone"  for more than 165 years. Do you collect? How, and what, do you collect?  Come Join Us! 

They provide a constant stimulus for the inquisitive mind and lover of history. The challenge, is engaging the younger generations, and thus, we congratulate a fellow club member for her innovation.  The club has established a grant program to help school teachers with the cost of using stamps in their school curriculum. Grants are limited to school systems in the Greater Mid-South (Memphis, TN, USA) area. Below, Tammy Phillips, our first Grant Recipient,  received her award from Karla Norman.  Please see the MSCS Grant page under "School Librarian".  

First lithographed stamp

Fractional or postage currency has a rich history. At the beginning of the Civil War people starting hoarding coins for their precious metal content. Coins became difficult to find because of the hoarding. People started to try to use stamps instead of coins as a means of commerce. The government decided to help ease the hoarding issue by issuing “paper coins”, also known as postage currency, or fractional currency. Fractional currency was first issued on August 21, 1862 and they were last issued on February 15, 1876. Three cents, five cents, ten cents, twenty-five cents, and fifty cents notes were all issued. Fractional currency is physically smaller than other United States money. It also does not have a serial number.

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 The third miniature sheet was issued in April 1980 and commemorates the exhibition itself.

To publicize the exhibition, the British Post Office issued their very first miniature sheet in 1978; two years in advance of the exhibition. The stamps featured historic buildings.

A second miniature sheet was issued in 1979 to commemorate Sir Rowland Hill who originated the basic concept of the postal service and is credited with inventing the postage stamp.

Old versus new.

"Postmark Oddity"