Unused examples of the Memphis postmaster provisionals. These stamps were issued by Matthew C. Gallaway who was the Confederate Postmaster of Memphis. The stamps were issued by him in June 1861 as a temporary replacement for U.S. postage stamps which were not recognized by the new Confederate government. The Confederate Post Office Department did not issue its own postage stamps until later in the fall of 1861.

Scott’s # 319g – a booklet pane of six of George Washington 2c carmine issued in 1902/1903. 

The first US stamps of Washington, Franklin and Jefferson were issued in 1847.

Scott’s # 368 – an imperforate pair of Abraham Lincoln 2c stamps from the 1909 Lincoln Memorial issue, commemorating the 100th anniversary of his birthday. A bust from St. Gauden’s statue of Lincoln appears on the stamp.

The first stamp, a portrait of the young, English, Queen Victoria, "The Penny Black," was issued 01 May 1840.    

This set of six stamps celebrates the Pan American Exposition at Buffalo, New York in 1901 to publicize the exposition. Pictures on the stamps depict the progress of the New World during the 19th Century.   They include:

  • Fast Lake Navigation (1c),
  • Fast Express (2c),
  • Automobile (4c),
  • Bridge at Niagara Falls (5c),
  • Canal Locks at Sault Ste. Marie (8c), and 
  • Fast Ocean Navigation (10c).

​​Postage ​Stamps... What are they?  

Long before phones and computers, these glorious examples of art and craftsmanship, seemingly, mere little blobs of ink on paper, have been part of our human history spanning the globe.  They have helped us "reach out and touch someone"  for more than 165 years. 

As members of MSCS, here are just  a just few types of postal history we collect:  US.  International.  Perfins. Fancy Cancels.   Covers and First Day Issue (entire envelope with stamp). Topicals, such as Flags, Animals, Trains or Flowers.  Coils.  Tax Stamps.   AirMail.  Revenue.  BOB (Back of Book).  Postcards.  Postal Stationary.  Cut Corners.  

They provide a constant stimulus for the inquisitive mind and lover of history.  Do you collect? How, and what, do you collect?  Come Join Us! Someone in the club will know something about about your interest.

The challenge, is engaging the younger generations, and thus, we congratulate a fellow club member for her innovation.  (Please see the School Librarian page.)

Memphis, Tennessee

1863 Jefferson, Scott #76

Scott’s #371 – an imperforate pair of the 1909 2c red Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition issue from 1909 commemorating the development of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Territory. William H. Seward appears on the stamp.

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Scott’s #373 – an imperforate center line pair of the 1909 Hudson-Fulton Celebration issue commemorating the tercentenary of the discovery of the Hudson River and the centenary of it’s first navigation by steam. The design shows the ships Clermont and Half Moon.