T​imeline of Events

March 27, 1861: Republican loyalist, Rolfe Saunders is appointed as the new Postmaster at Memphis. However, a "Citizens Committee of Safety" convinced him it would not be in his best interests to accept.

April 1861:  A Special Agent is dispatched from Washington to Memphis to investigate threats.

May 1861:  Without further supplies of US Postal Stamps and reduced delivery of mail from the North and East, Postmaster Galloway is allowed to remain in office pending selection of another nominee. 

June 8, 1861:  Tennessee Voters approve the succession and become an independent state.

June 17, 1861:  The Confederate PO Department is persuaded by Governor Harris to take control of Postal Operations in Tennessee in advance of the state's formal admission to the Confederacy.  Locally, Confederate Postage rates go into effect that day. 

June 18, 1861:   ​Hastily prepared provisional postage stamps and envelopes go on sale in Memphis. 

January 1862:   Confederate general issue postage is finally supplied to the city.   They rapidly replace the use of 5 cent provisionals locally, but 2 cent provisionals continue to remain in use since none were issued.

Memphis Prepaid Confederate Era Postage 

from the collection of Jerry Palazolo

Block of 8 with top and left sheet margins.

Positions 1, 2, 9, 10, 17, 18, 19, 25 & 26.

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Excerpts from the collection of legendary Memphis collector, Billy P. Matz

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