Caricatures of the lives of Bulgarian chessmasters.

Postal Card (front and obverse) for postal chess games.

Chess Stamps of Afghanistan

Topical or thematic stamp collectors develop themes or story lines based on images or subjects of the collected stamps. They assemble their collections according to themes or topics instead of by country.

Bulgarian Chess Stamps

CITEX 1949 International Philatelic Exhibition of Paris

Bulgarian souvenir sheet commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Chess Olympiad in Varna,

Topical or Thematic 

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CUBAN Chess Masters on Stamps

CHESS on Stamps ~

from the collection of David Saks.

In 1949, France organized an international philatelic exhibition to commemorate the centenary of the French postage stamp. The exhibition was held in the Grand Palais in Paris from June 1 to June 12, 1949.
In addition to a special stamp (not shown) issued for the exhibition, vignettes, also known as poster or cinderella stamps, were issued without value. A total of twelve vignettes were printed reproducing the exposition’s poster. Each day a vignette with a new color was printed.

The vignettes were offered to visitors who received the vignette for the day of their visit plus a vignette of the previous days.