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[SL] Perfin, 26 Sep 1908 - Minneapolis St Paul & Sault Sainte Marie Railroad, commonly known as the Soo Line Railroad after 1961.

Atlantic Coast Line RR Company, 01 Apr 1909 - Operated between 1900 and 1967 in the SE United States with concentration of lines in Florida. 

HW Peabody & Co, 30 Jul 1908 - Established in 1867 as international trading organization, it provided import and export services in agriculture and textile industries.

West Publishing Company - 26 Sep 1908 -Founded in 1872, it is best known for establishing the "National Reporter System" of regional reporters on state court appellate decisions.

Home Insurance Co., 06 Sep 1908 - Founded in 1853 is a large property and casualty co, with the bulk being industrial property insurance. This card is also an example of unauthorized use.

Ford Motor Company, 29 Jan 1909 - American multinational automaker, founded in 1903 by Henry Ford.

Armour & Co, 31 Mar 1909 -

Armour was an American meatpacking company founded in Chicago in 1867.  The company became Chicago's most important business and along with the Union Stock Yards, the center of America's meatpacking industry.

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Johnson Service Co, 14 Nov 1908 - The JSCo was better known for their steam powered car, the "Johnson Steamer", but ultimately began marketing HVAC for public buildings.

The Exhibit focus was on the first year of US stamps with perforated initials, or Perfins.  The full exhibit displayed 14 covers and post cards used in the first year of perfin use and identify cover with with earliest known pattern usage (EKU), unauthorized use and rarity.   

Perfins were first issued between May 1908 and 1909.  The acronym is derived from PERForated INSignia or PERForated INitialS on stamps. The process identifies ownership by commercial organizations and was intended to prevent theft for personal use.  Items below are captioned with the issuing company, first date of use, and historical significance of the issuer. 

HB Claflin & Company, 21 Jan 1909 - Claflin & Co was Manhattan based dry goods business originating in 1843.

CYC Institute of Law, 23 Sep 1908 - "CYC" refers to the "Cyclopedia of Law and Procedure" , published and sold by American Law Book Co that is still a law book publisher.

Southern Railway System, April 1909 - A class 1 railroad system in the southern United States, resulting from merger of 150 railroad lines after 1894, with the combination of Memphis and Charleston Railroad, the Richmond and Danville system and the E Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad.. 

FC Taylor & Company - 04 Nov 1908 - FC Taylor Fur Co of St Louis, MO was one of the largest in the fur industry at the turn of the 20th century.

Brown & Bigelow Inc, 24 Dec 1908 - A well known publishing company specializing in the sale of branded apparel, promotional merchandise and are best known for their Boy Scouts of America calendars illustrated by Norman Rockwell.

Perfins - an award winning exhibit - by Bob Hodges

National Park Bank, 15 Sep 1908 -- Founded in 1856 in New York City, it was doing more commercial business than any other bank in the world by the end of the 19th century.