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​​​FAO is also a source of knowledge and information, and helps developing countries and countries in transition modernize and improve agriculture, forestry and fisheries practices, ensuring good nutrition and food security for all. Its Latin motto, fiat panis, translates as "let there be bread". As of 6 January 2017, FAO has 194 member states, along with the European Union (a "member organization"), and the Faroe Islands and Tokelau, which are associate members.
The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Http://FAO.Org was created to assist in defeating hunger.  Serving both developed and developing countries, FAO acts as a neutral forum where all nations meet as equals to negotiate agreements and debate policy.    It was organized just after World War II, in October, 1945, to help address the worldwide famine caused by the war and its aftermath.
Here is sample of stamps issued for that cause issued between March 1963 and 1964 :
Hunger has been an issue that mankind has battled forever. Whether caused by climate, drought, socio-political events like war, hunger is still a problem.  The countries of the world, united with their stamps beginning in 1963, joined the fight to eradicate hunger, famine and malnutrition. 

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