The attached Grant Application must be used.  All grant applications must utilize United States or World Wide Stamps as the theme.  A grant shall not exceed: $150.00 per applicant per semester. Applicants should teach in public K-12 schools within the greater Memphis, TN area: (Shelby County, TN; DeSoto County, MS; and / or, Crittenden County, Arkansas.)

The completed application should be sent to Memphis Stamp Collectors Society, c/o Ron Williams, PO Box 132, Brunswick, TN 38014 on or before Aug 31,  for the Aug - Jan semester.  All grants must be typed, or submitted online, via the online form.  No handwritten applications will be accepted.  No faxes will be accepted. A grant may be renewed for the second semester by submitting a new application by Dec 15.

The Grant Review Committee meets after the application deadline.  The committee accepts, rejects or suggests revisions for each grant request.  Any revised application may be resubmitted for reconsideration with a new deadline specified by the committee.  Please include your contact phone number.

Once the grants are approved, someone from the Memphis Stamp Collectors Society will present the winning teacher, or teachers, with a check made out to that teacher and a Grant Agreement that must be signed.

The Grant Agreement states that the teacher receiving the grant will keep a record with receipts for all expenditures.  Upon completion of the project the teacher must submit a Final Report, accompanied by receipts, photographs of the project and / or samples of the resulting students’ work which may be posted on the website.

A final report is to be submitted by the end of the semester.  Teachers who do not submit a report will not be eligible for a grant in subsequent semesters.


 Project should enhance classroom experience and directly involve students. Interdisciplinary or team teaching projects are encouraged.

Grants may be used to purchase supplies; but, should be just one component of a well-planned project, integrated with other curriculum materials and activities

​Use the button above to open and print a word or pdf document on which to type your application to be mailed.

Use the form below to submit your application directly to the MSCS website.

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